Making a Launer product takes great skill aquired through experience.

One of our beautiful Traviata handbags take up to eight hours to make. We use the best quality leathers and fittings; our leathers are calf, lizard, ostrich and crocodile. Our fittings are designed by us and made in brass, which are then gold plated.

The leathers are carefully cut and split. All the parts are cut and separately assembled before being turned into an item. Each piece of leather goods is assembled by one expert craftsperson.

All our leather goods have turned edges, which makes them uniquely British.

We pride ourselves on our quality. Each item is carefully inspected at all stages of manufacture. We have skilled machinists who ensure that all the stitching is even and straight.

Our design team is led by Sue and Gerald Bodmer, who travel throughout Europe, looking for design trends.

Our pattern makers turn the designs into reality, creating a classic Launer item with style and elegance.

We are proud to supply Her Majesty The Queen and also have The Duchess of Cornwall and the Prince of Wales as customers.

As all our products are handmade, we are able to offer our cutomers the opportunity to order unique versions of our designs be selecting the leathers used. At Launer, we use only the finest quality leather and colours can vary slightly, however we have a wide range to choose from.


Please contact us by phone +44 (0)1883 625562 or email


 Launer's 8 Credit Card Wallet in a range of colours